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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Stephanie. I have never been good at describing myself. I am a freelance writer, a full-time college student, a mother, a wife, and starting my first novel. I made this blog to post whatever is on my mind...so if you are up for it.. hang on for the ride!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Haha Forgot I had this blog!

Whew...Now.. I can honestly say that it has been awhile! (smile) Where has time gone? Did I miss a whole year somewhere? I'm going on a hunt now to find this year and try to figure out where it went! I cannot believe how life has changed since I have been on here last. I have deleted my old blog posts to start over, a fresh start, a new blog... a new life!

I am going to use this blog to post whatever is on my mind! If you know me, then you know....one never does know what I will say ;) I am also going to use this blog to update my family and friends about our life, events, milestones, and the like. It seems easier to me to just post a note on here... ok... I can hear you calling me lazy.. now come on, was that necessary?? I mean, geez!

Now, that I have gotten that out of the way.. I am able to start my daily, weekly or from the looks of it.. yearly or possibly every two year post on here..Nah, I'm just kidding.. I actually have time now to do this. Watch this blog for information about other blogs I am starting... here's a hint... one is going to be about being a freelance writer! (I bet you never guessed that huh!)

Ok, I'm off to get this thing updated... will check back in later today or tonight. Don't forget to bookmark my blog or follow me...

PS) Note to self.. Steph don't just slop stuff on here.. like you just did... take your time girl.. come on! LOL

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