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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Stephanie. I have never been good at describing myself. I am a freelance writer, a full-time college student, a mother, a wife, and starting my first novel. I made this blog to post whatever is on my mind...so if you are up for it.. hang on for the ride!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well, yesterday had to of been one of the hardest days of my life. Most parents' understand what I am going to talk about here. I have homeschooled my children for many,  many years and this year, because of life and the work/school schedule that I keep... I decided it was best to put my little funky lil' monkeys' in public school. (Yes, I call them this all the time.. at home.. in public.. it doesn't matter.. just ask them.. LOL)

Yeah, I thought I would be all big and bad... strong mom.. here I come! Nope, not the case! I have never cried so hard in my life. You see, my lil' one.. is my last lil' one... and when he ran behind me and grabbed my shirt NOT wanting to go into his classroom.. I stood there... held my composure.. and told him everything would be ok.. he is growing up now.. it's time to have some fun, make friends and learn to read! (Well, I said it a bit nicer and like a 5 yr old) Off I went... I left the school and came home. Remember, I'm being strong mom right now.. LOL!

An hour passes-- I find myself wasting time on the internet... two hours pass--- I start feeling the tears coming---two hours and literally two second... I'm bawling like I just lost my child and he will never return home to me! This lasted for--oh...most of the day--- LOL! I wanted to run back to the school and take him out.. that was it.. he had to come home with Mom. No,  Steph.. be strong.. you can do this!

So... it's time to pick up my funky lil' monkeys'! They get off off the school bus and are worked up! I saw the looks on their faces' and immediately knew something was up!  I then was informed my lil' man (he calls himself a lil' man.. and let me know he is not a baby anymore)  was LOST at school... and actually LEFT the building! Oh, hell to the NO! This is NOT what I needed to hear! A teacher's aid walked up to my daughter in the lunch room and proceeded to inform her that her brother is missing, but not to panic... he will never leave the building! Well.. guess what HE LEFT! They found him outside ... on a bus! My 5 yr old lil' man all alone.. sitting on a bus.. with tears in his eyes.

The first thing he told me when he got off the bus--and was done hugging me--was that he thought I wasn't going to pick him up. He said he had to keep telling himself.. do not cry.. do not cry..the kids will see... but it was too late! By this time... My heart is in my feet and I am holding back the tears..... Now.. instead of him telling himself not to cry.. I was doing it.. the whole way back home... I.. me.. MOM.. was telling myself.. be strong.. don't let him see you cry.. don't you do it Mom.. he will be more scared and will NEVER want to return to school again! (How the roles reversed! )

So.... then I have a LONG talk with my kids... I take a necklace off of my neck that I DO NOT ever take off. It is my cross... it is part of my skin... but you know what.. he is part of me.. and this is just a material thing... then put it on him. He was shocked and felt so ever special! I told my lil' monkey to always wear this.. he will always know that Mom is with him... if he gets scared .. to hold my necklace and know I am coming!  He left for school today so proud to be wearing my necklace.. It hangs down to his mid-chest but he didn't care.. everyone was going to see it!

I e-mailed his teacher and I called the school... what I said... I don't think I can post on here! LOL I can tell you this... they will NOT ever allow my 5 yr. old child to leave the school again... or the news will be called! I mean, come one we live in a BIG TOWN... crazies everywhere.. hell with the movie Crazies.. it's every day life here...

So, the moral of this blog.... as all mom's and dad's know... you know when something is wrong with your child... even if that child is not with you! You are connected by blood, body and soul! Trust your instincts!

Ok..time to get ready to get my lil' monkeys from the school bus!

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  1. Oh wow, what a day! It sounds like your solution was absolutely perfect. It's hard to let your kids go to public school--I homeschooled last year, so I definitely have mixed feelings about it.